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Kalbarri Scenic Flights

サンシー ヴィラズ

 Pink Lakekalbarrisunseavillas@gmail.comEast Wallabi Island the Abrolhos Islands favourite tourist destination.

Sunsea Villas では、町の中心部にあり、素晴らしい景色を望む 2 ベッドルームの自炊式ウォーターフロント ヴィラを提供しています。一日滞在するか、しばらく滞在します。あなたの思い出は一生続くでしょう。

A holiday to the Coral Coast is not complete without a once in a lifetime visit to the stunning Abrolhos Islands scene of the Batavia Wreck and mutiny in 1629.  There is so much to do after landing – picnic on the beach, dabble your toes into the clear blue water, or even enjoy the nature trail to the famous osprey's nest and back.

川と海の素晴らしい景色を望むSunsea Villasは、桟橋、ビーチ、地元の遊び場の向かいにあります。バーベキューをしたり、オフロードの駐車場に車を置いて、ショップ、レストラン、ホテルまで歩いてすぐです. 

For those who are spellbound by the region's unique inland scenery, our flights include the spectacular, unforgettable Gorges of the Murchison River which were formed over 400 million years ago. For those who want a bit of everything, and the best of all worlds, why not try the Grand Tour?

Some of our Scenic Flights have minimum numbers, so to avoid disappointment when you arrive in the area it is advisable to book early 

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We look forward to welcoming you on board soon!

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